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    Promotions on the BMW Lifestyle Collection this Ramadan

    During Ramadan, AGMC the official BMW Group importer in Dubai, Sharjah and the Northern Emirates is offering special promotions on a range of BMW lifestyle merchandise. Available within the showroom, the collection includes hig...
  • Nextbase-InCarCam

    Driving Cameras: The need of the hour

    We’re all part of the smart-living generation. Cameras have evolved from being large complicated equipment to palm-sized digital cameras and now dashboard mountable cameras for your car. Driving cameras are the latest must-...
  • Banana Pizza

    Banana Pizza | Ramadan ’14

    We loved the Italian week, so much so that we feel obliged to continue with a wacky and unconventional recipe. Today we have for you a dessert pizza, yes, you heard me right, a sweet pizza. The Pizza is an oven-baked flat bre...
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    The Plastic Burden

    Swiping my credit card for the first time at Carrefour more than a decade ago, was nothing short of exhilarating. Albeit a supplementary, piggy-backing off my dad, young me had just opening his first line of credit with a real ...
  • heart_of_greed_by_adam1704-d3gt56l

    The Weight of Greed

    When Michael Douglas immortalized Wall Street kingpin Gordon Gekko in the late 80s, the shrewd player blatantly professed that greed, for lack of a better word, is good. A powerful corporate raider, Gekko possessed the very ski...
  • lesson1

    What can we learn from a ROGUE TRADER

    Acting independently of others, and perhaps even recklessly is the trademark sign of a charismatic alpha-male who revels ‘throwing his weight around’. The arrogance with which Nick Leeson sank Barings Bank is unmistakably t...
  • Social House Restaurant

    Social House Dubai Mall | UthMag Restaurant Review

    Dubai Mall is by no means a mall for the faint hearted. Overwhelmed with excitable tourists flocking from around the globe and a plethora of stores, shops and restaurants that you never find again, this colossal record-holder f...
  • Life-Sized-Monopoly

    Dubai Launches Life-Size Monopoly Game

    Shoppers at Mall of the Emirates and City Centre malls in Deira and Mirdif will get a chance to play the life-size 3D version of the world’s favorite family gaming brand, MONOPOLY.  The shopping pioneer, Majid Al Futtaim’s...
  • shutterstock_147504596

    Five Tips for Starting the Perfect Travel Blog

    You’ve been to the Grand Canyon, the Grand Cayman Islands and dozens of other beautiful travel destinations. You have hundreds of gorgeous photos from your vacations, you love writing and your friends love your travel stories...
  • 20140522_210355

    Arabian Center Quiz Fashion Show

    I had disappeared shortly from Uthmag, but my disappearance did not denote the lack of fashion activities and shows that have been constant for the past few months thanks to the entrance of the scorching sun and rising temperat...
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Fly and EUROSTAR Group launch their first octa-core smartphone

EUROSTAR Group and Fly UK have launched their first Fly by EUROSTAR smartphone, Tornado IQ455, powered by MediaTek’s MT6592 true octa-core chipset. The new device benefits from MediaTek’s scalable octa-core architecture, wh...
Open Source Software
Yahoo Signs Jose Mourinho as Global Football Ambassador
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Win Advanced Screening Tickets to LUCY

LUCY is a 2014 French-American action film directed, written and edited by Luc Besson, and produced by Besson and Europacorp. The movie was shot in Taipei, Paris and New York City. Angelina Jolie was originally cast as the lea...
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Why you should make your first resume at 16

The only genuine manuscript that documents our entire existence, highlights our contribution to mankind and gives us a remote sense of self-importance is the résumé. Quintessentially speaking, it is almost as important as our...
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