Cyber bullying is one of the harmful methods through which many teens are affected. It is when these teens are an engaged victim of social cruelty using the internet or other digital technologies. They are being tormented, threatened, harassed, humiliated or embarrassed by being the target of Cyber bullying activities. Due to Cyber bullying, many children have killed each other or committed suicide after being a victim of one of these activities.

[pullquote_left]Cyber bullying is not a one-time communication, unless it provokes a threat of serious bodily harm.[/pullquote_left] This entire notion of Cyber bullying came along with the advancements of technology- the Internet (email, instant messaging, blogs, chat rooms, websites) and Mobile phones (text messaging, voice mails). The bully uses these platforms as a playground, where he/she can victimize a multiple number of people, and with the rise of newer technologies, more doors open up for people to become bullies and those who are too fearful finally have a way of hiding themselves.

Problems of Cyber bullying in the Educational System

On the whole, Cyber bullying impacts every kid, teen or preteen heavily, but when it comes to education, it is very hard to say who or when they become the victim of Cyber bullying. There are two kinds of Cyber bullying that takes schools and education victim- direct attacks (messages that are send to students directly) and Cyber bullying by proxy (using other’s to help bully the victim). Some of the essential pointers as to why students and schools become a target of Cyber bullying are as follows:

For schools

Problems– Many a times, students have to use computers or attend IT classes in schools. This can be a time when a student is victimized through Cyber bullying. Usually when schools get involved with giving a discipline to students about Cyber bullying, they often get sued for trespassing authoritative systems and violating student’s free speech right.

For Education

Problems– Talking about how individually each student could be a victim of this bully attack, students can become distracted, miss a lot of school, feel angry and inadequate. These downsides lead to a major effect on the student’s learning experience. A few signs of students becoming a victim of Cyber bullying could be: suddenly wanting to go online or using a mobile phone; avoiding a discussion with their parents or teachers about what they are doing online; mood swings; depression; change in eating habits; and staying alone with no interest in any school activities.

Bullying in Universities is on the rise

Cyber Bullying is on the rise with the help of websites like Facebook.

Precautions to prevent Cyber bullying

Precautions by Schools

Schools have to make sure that they give lots of educational knowledge about the harmful effects of Cyber bullying.Every school should add a provision to the school’s policy, where reserving the right to discipline the students for actions taken-off campus can be intended to have an adverse effect in their school life, or they affect the safety and well-being of student while in school. Schools should know all the details about the victims of Cyber bullying and how they are being affected so that the guidance councilor can keep an eye for in-school bullying.

Precautions by Students and Parents

Along with getting an educative knowledge about Cyber bullying through school’s recommended provision, every student needs to assure themselves that when they feel they are being attacked by a bully online through any internet or mobile phone source, they should not reply to the bully, and neither delete messages that the bully has sent. Instead, the student should directly report that message to police, parents or the school.

From the parent’s perspective, if they see any changed behaviors in their children, they should make sure to ask them calmly about it, instead of taking away their privilege of using the net. Parents need to be one of all the trusted places that children go to when things go wrong, both offline and online. Parents should not overreact when their children say to them about such an issue. They need to be supportive, and give their children the “stick and stones may break your bones, but words will never hurt you” lecture. The emotional risks of Cyber bullying are sometimes long lasting and serious, so parents should make sure not to ignore them completely.

Cyber Bullying on facebook

Cyber Bullying on sites like Facebook is on the rise

Cyber bullying- be warned!

Cyber bullying can take many forms and can be done for many reasons. Children or students are often motivated by anger or frustration. Sometimes they get involved in this type of bullying for entertainment or because they are bored and cannot pass their time. Some do it by accident, or either by sending a message to the wrong person.

[pullquote_left]Since their motives differ, the solutions to each type of Cyber bullying incident will be different too. [/pullquote_left]

Actions have to be taken accordingly depending on who are the bullies, what are their motives and who they are trying to make a victim. It is a great matter to find out what the Cyber bullies are doing, but it is equally important to remember that there should never be a barrier with educating students on Cyber bullying. If they know the problems associated with it, they will instill self-prevention, otherwise by the time they realize they are already a victim, it will be too late!!