Vinyl Floor: Peninsula, Album Review

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Posted August 11, 2012 by Oshee in Entertain ME

Vinyl Floor is a band that originated in Denmark in 2007, founded by two brothers Thomas Charlie Pedersen and Daniel Pedersen and the longtime friend and colleague Rasmus Bruun. The Band initiated Karmanian records and took the initiative to create and record their materials themselves. In 2009 Karmanian records released their first album, Do You Still Dream, recorded and mixed by Vinyl Floor. Since then the Ban has played over 100 shows including 15 in Japan.

In the summer of 2011, they recorded their second Album, Peninsula in Malmö, Sweden mastered by Ryan Smith, Sterling Sound, New York. Involving The Vindla String Quartet – who played with Forest and Crispian and Nina Persson from The Cardigans – contributed strings on seven songs and also included other Swedish musicians contributed horns and lap steel guitar.

Vinyl Floor: Peninsula

Vinyl Floor: Peninsula

Peninsula is a concept album depicting literary themes of Utopia (heaven) and Dystopia (hell). I love the fact that the guys have given a soul to their music, something that has been missing with the music in mainstream music recently. As you go through the songs you feel a story unveiling, in the words of the band…

In the world of philosophy the concepts  of Utopia and Dystopia may occur individually, but as many might agree, the world is never just black and white. Vinyl Floor therefore explores the tension between these two concepts. However, on the album, Utopia and Dystopia are more than just concepts – they also appear as worlds for human beings to reside in.

In the Utopia part you may find dystopian tendencies such as doubt, broken dreams and enmity. In the Dystopia part you may find traces of conscience and regret but also glimpses of hope for a better future. This dynamic amalgamation is the focus of the album and comes to life via the lyrics, moods and artwork.

Speaking of a peninsula, one of its characteristics is the connection to the main land but its also part of the foaming sea surrounding it. In the album concept the peninsula is a metaphor for mankind: ’No man is an island’. A man can´t exist without a bond to the surrounding world. A man is defined by his surroundings.

The artwork has been provided with an old fashioned compass which can be placed in many directions. On the surface the compass navigates geographically but the meaning is both objective and subjective. ‘Where am I going?’. ’Where are we going?’.

The album consists of 12 songs beginning with Frames and Orchids which is a progressive instrumental piece depicting anticipation and eventual happiness, the next 5 songs follow in the similar vein with a hint of self doubt, acceptance, the will to fight, persuasion and love. Track 6, Diverging Paths,  marks the fall of the Utopia. The track speaks of betrayal and ends on a frustrating, distraught instrumental note… you are in Dystopia now… he next 5 songs speak of moving on, shame, disrespect, hope, loneliness and failure.  The Album ends with Frozen Moon with the promise of Utopia, calm and beautifully put together melodic rendition.

I hadn’t heard of the band 2 days ago, but I’ve grown very fond of their musical capabilities. Their style, if I may describe, is a modern take on the 80s and 90s rock / alternative rock, it’s like comfort food for your ears. However I did have a few complains, couple of the songs, with the instrumental pieces Frames and Orchids and Diverging Paths started off great and carried on till the end where I thought they were a bit longer than I’d have liked. I also thought the vocals could use some help. Track 5, car in the sky, is a good example where the vocals could have been much better, a similar thought ran across my mind when listening to most of the hard hitting songs in the album. The vocals failed to replicate the same emotions depicted by the music

Though I appreciated the music of the entire album, Written in the Cards, Baton Rouge and Frozen moon are my favorite songs. All three are a slow melodic but I feel the three songs come together really well, vocals and everything. Track 8, In the air, has a conflicting tone to it, Though the music is calm and soothing. the lyrics suggests rape?… made for interesting hearing…

Vinyl Floor: Peninsula, Tacks

Vinyl Floor: Peninsula, Tack list

The concept of utopia and dystopia is a difficult one to express and this complexity has been translated into the make of the album, there is no running away from it, as we are all fighting our way to utopia. Better be prepared for the road blocks… I think the band have a long way ahead of them if they keep up their passion. A Great concept!

To check out a few tracks from the album, Peninsula, CLICK HERE

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